MD Medical Group Festival Sets New Russian Record — Group of companies "Mother and child"
MD Medical Group (“MD Medical Group”, “Mother and Child Group” or “the Company”), one of the largest private healthcare companies in Russia, has held a unique festival for families.

On 10 December 2023, MD Medical Group used the Digital Business Space of Moscow to host a festival for pregnant women, new mothers, their babies and husbands. The event featured more than 40 lectures on various matters related to obstetrics, gynaecology and children’s healthcare by leading healthcare professionals of Mother and Child Group’s flagship facilities. Around 1,000 people attended the festival.

The event provided unique and integrated insights into women’s and children’s health, delivered by Mother and Child Group as the sector’s leader. An additional bonus for everyone involved was a national Russian record set for the largest dance of pregnant women, which were all included into Russia’s national register of records.

Awareness-raising events like this festival help women better understand the crucial importance of selecting the right healthcare facility for the safety and comfort during labour. This is essential for the Company and society at large, contributing to greater awareness about some of the key aspects of health and care about future generations.

About MD Medical Group

MD Medical Group is a leading provider in the highly attractive Russian private healthcare service market. Today, the Company manages 54 state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, including 11 multidisciplinary hospitals and 43 out-patient clinics in 27 regions of the Russian Federation. In 2022, MD Medical Group's revenue amounted to RUB 25.2 bln while EBITDA amounted to RUB 7.9 bln. The Company's GDRs are traded on Moscow Exchange (MOEX: MDMG).
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