Growth potential — Group of companies "Mother and child"

The Russian private healthcare market’s growth potential is not fully unlocked, and we see significant opportunities for its further development. Our dynamic expansion reflects the Group’s commitment to being at the forefront of this highly promising sector.

Today, residents in a number of regions have limited access to high-quality medical services, and are forced to travel to other cities in order to receive treatment. By opening new high-tech medical centres in the regions, we make it possible for people to receive high-quality medical services near home.

The uniqueness of our concept of medical care ensures the steadily growing demand for reliable, high-quality medical services that the population of modern Russia expects from us, every year becoming more and more aware of the trends in this sector.

As people's awareness of personal health issues increases, the level of spending on medical services is increasing, and this trend is expected to continue in the future. Our track record of success and leadership in high-quality healthcare markets positions us to leverage this growth for the benefit of both patients and our shareholders.