28 June 2021, Moscow – MD Medical Group Investments Plc (“MD Medical Group”, “MDMG” or the “Company” – LSE: MDMG), a leading Russian private healthcare provider, today announces that for the first time in the practice of the Lapino clinical hospital a coronary artery bypass shunting was performed on a patient with massive coronary artery damage. This operation was performed on an open heart using a heart-lung machine (AIC). At the moment, the patient feels well and was released for outpatient therapy.

Treatment of patients with cardiovascular diseases in the Lapino hospital began in 2016. Medical care was provided to patients with cardio ischemia, vascular diseases and some forms of congenital heart disease. Later on, the range of services in this area expanded. We began to treat patients with various types of cardiac rhythm disorder, implant pacemakers and cardioverter-defibrillators and perform radiofrequency and cryoablation. In the course of five years more than 1,500 patients received medical help.

Now the Lapino hospital has the opportunity to provide a full cycle of cardiac and cardiac surgery care to patients with pathologies of the cardiovascular system. In addition to endovascular surgery, it will be possible to perform operations on patients with severe dysfunctions of coronary arteries or pathology of the heart valves that require an open heart surgery with sternotomy.

The launch of the cardiovascular surgery department at the Lapino hospital and the start of operations under cardiopulmonary bypass will make possible hybrid surgery during which endovascular surgeons will perform endovascular implantation of heart valves, engage in endoprosthetics of the abdominal aortic aneurysm with the support of cardiac surgeons.

Mark Kurtser, CEO of MD Medical Group, said:

“6 years ago we opened a department of X-ray surgical methods of cardiodiagnosis and cardiotreatment in our hospital in Lapino. It gave an impulse to the development of all cardiac surgery within the Group. The successful operation on a beating heart opens a new page in the work of our hospital and strengthens the multidisciplinary status of the medical complex in Lapino”

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