Perinatal Medical Centre (PMC) - MD Medical Group "Mother and Child" Russia Moscow
24/1 Sevastopolsky prospect, Moscow

Established in 2006, MD Group hospital provides a full-range of inpatient and outpatient services for the whole family and benefits from state-of-the-art equipment including the latest MRI and CT equipment. The 261-bed, 27,600 sq. m. hospital was the first private maternity facility in Moscow.

In 2020, the Company completed a large-scale renovation of MD Group hospital. Investment in the project amounted to around 600 mln rubles. As a result, of a largescale revamp, 5 new departments have been added to expand the offering of the hospital, which has been rebranded as MD Group Clinical Hospital.

The hospital includes a general surgery department, an urology department, a traumatology department, a cardiology department and a department of endovascular x-ray diagnostics and treatment.

The capacity of the surgical department has been increased to 3,250 operations. It operates both on a commercial basis and under the Mandatory Health Insurance (MHI) programme.

The hospital also opened a new IVF department with updated state-of-the art equipment capable of taking the quality of medical services to the next level. The capacity of the new department is 1,000 IVF cycles per year. It operates only on a commercial basis.

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