MD Medical Group "Mother and Child" Russia Moscow
20, bulding 5,Yuri Semovskikh

The two-story medical centre provides high quality general medical care. The total area of the centre is 4,750 sq. m. It will have 100 beds, including 12 in the emergency room. All wards are fitted with ventilation equipment to provide patients with oxygen.

During the pandemic, Tyumen-2 is focused on medical care for patients with infectious diseases, including coronavirus. The hospital also includes an adult department, a paediatric department, radiology, and an obstetrics and gynaecology department.

Total investments in the project amounted to 1 billion rubles. Patient treatment is carried out under the VHI program, as well as MHI.

The Tyumen-2 hospital operates in accordance with the high standards of medical care adopted by MD Medical Group. The centre’s equipment was supplied by leading world manufacturers such as GE, Hamilton, B. Braun, Olympus.

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