Corporate transactions

artmedgroup-1.pdf ACQUISITION OF ARTMedGroup

10_20_2015_mdmg_novokuzneck_v2.pdf ACQUISITION OF MEDICA CLINIC



h1_2021_ifrs_results_en.pdf H1 2021 IFRS Results

fy_2020_ifrs_results.pdf FY 2020 IFRS Results

h1_2020_ifrs_results.pdf H1 2020 IFRS Results

fy_2019_ifrs_results.pdf FY 2019 IFRS Results

h1_2019_ifrs_results.pdf H1 2019 IFRS Results

mdmg_fy2018_audited__ifrs_results_25_march.pdf FY 2018 IFRS Results

h1_2018_ifrs_results_.pdf H1 2018 IFRS Results

fy_2017_ifrs_results.pdf FY 2017 IFRS Results

mdmg_6m17_audited__ifrs_results_final_-_3.pdf H1 2017 IFRS Results

mdmg-2016-audited-ifrs.pdf FY 2016 IFRS Results

h1-2016.pdf H1 2016 IFRS Results

md_medical_group_fy_2016_audited_ifrs_results.pdf FY 2015 IFRS Results



mdmg_ifrs_2012.pdf FY 2012 IFRS Results

Conferences & Events 

renaissance_capitals_25th_annual_russia_investor_conference.pdf RENAISSANCE CAPITAL’S 25th ANNUAL RUSSIA INVESTOR CONFERENCE

vtb_capital_investment_forum_russia_calling__18-19_november_2020.pdf VTB Capital Investment Forum RUSSIA CALLING! 18 19 November 2020

presentaciyamdmg.pdf Renaissance Capital`s 24th Annual Virtual Investor Conference

strategy_day_2020_eng.pdf STRATEGY DAY, MOSCOW, FEBRUARY 6, 2020

the_11th_annual_vtb_capital__russia_calling___investment_forum.pdf The 11th annual VTB Capital “RUSSIA CALLING!” Investment Forum

renaissance_capital_s_23rd_annual_russia_investor_conference.pdf Renaissance Capital’s 23rd Annual Russia Investor Conference

vtb_capital_investment_forum__russia_calling__.pdf VTB Capital Investment Forum “Russia Calling!” 28-30 November 2018, Moscow

renaissance_capital_s_22th_annual_russia_investor_conference.pdf RENAISSANCE CAPITAL’S 22th ANNUAL RUSSIA INVESTOR CONFERENCE, April 11, 2018

deutsche-bank-cefmea-conference-january-2018.pdf DEUTSCHE BANK CEEMEA CONFERENCE, January 17, 2018

vtb_capital_investment_forum.pdf VTB Capital Investment Forum “Russia Calling!”, 26-27 October 2017, Moscow

md_medical_group_strategy_day.pdf STRATEGY DAY, LONDON, FEBRUARY 15, 2017

2016-12-05-mdmg-sar-13.pdf MD MEDICAL GROUP COMPANY PRESENTATION, January, 2017

2017-01-20-mdmf-db-conference-final-version.pdf DEUTSCHE BANK CEEMEA CONFERENCE , January 20, 2017

01_20_2016_db_investor_conference-1.pdf DEUTSCHE BANK CEEMEA CONFERENCE , January 21, 2016

09_10_2015_HSBC.pdf HSBC EEMEA & LATAM CONFERENCE 2015 September 10, 2015 London



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