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Mother & Child Yaroslavl, which first opened in December 2013 and is part of the MD Medical Group, offers a modern approach to providing professional medical services in a comfortable environment for its patients. The highly-qualified medical staff provide a full-range of services in the field of gynaecology and reproduction, including IVF, pregnancy care and gynaecological surgery.

17, 5th Yakovlevskaya street, Yaroslavl
+7 (800) 700-70-01

Mother & Child Yaroslavl is the first clinic in Yaroslavl to offer a dedicated IVF department to address problems of any complexity in the field of female reproductive health. The clinic also provides a full range of services related to plastic surgery and includes orthopaedics, traumatology and urology departments.
Mother & Child Yaroslavl has redefined the quality and breadth of medical services available to women and children in the region, drawing upon the experience and achievements of MD Medical Group, the leading provider of reproductive medicine and healthcare for women and children in Russia.

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