The MD Medical Group of healthcare centres is owned by MD Medical Group Investment plc (“MDMG”). MDMG was incorporated in Cyprus in 2010.

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MD Medical Group’s history began in 2006 with the opening of the first private maternity ward in Russia – the Perinatal Medical Centre in Moscow.

At the time of the IPO in October 2012, the Group comprised one hospital and eight clinics.

Today, its network includes six hospitals and 36 clinics in 25 regions of Russia.

We aim to bring high- quality healthcare services to people across the country, thus making it possible for them to receive professional and often unique services without the need to travel to other cities.

Often, the Group brings new services to a region that lacked them. Thus, the new hospital in Ufa includes the first private maternity ward and stem and mesenchymal cell bank in Bashkortostan, and also offers magnetic resonance tomography, angiograph, integrated operating room, as well as the first Children’s Health Centre with both in-patient and out-patient departments, unique to the region.

MD Medical Group continues to implement its regional expansion programme and continuously evaluates opportunities to launch new medical institutions in various Russian cities. The Group targets major cities (with a population of over 1 mln) in Russia, where there is significant demand for the Group’s specialised medical services.

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